Rebels & Redcoats on the Delaware is an attempt to bring our reenactor community back to this pivotal and hallowed site in the turning point of our fight for liberty. We are starting the weekend’s events with a mid-morning tactical thru the woods and canal for reenactors only. There will be a battle for the public in the afternoon. Saturday evening will contain entertainment and jollification. Jeff Morgan, 23rd Welsh, will be providing the music for the evening, with dancing as well. Various drink will be provided by the 5th Pa. The skirmish for Sunday morning is optional at this point. There will be a battle for the public in the afternoon.

On this site is the Thompson Neely house. This historic property, built in 1702 by Jonathan Pidcock, is believed to have housed Lord Sterling, Lt. James Monroe and William Washington after the first battle of Trenton. The house and property were used as a hospital during the 3 weeks prior to the battle of Trenton and the weeks following. We hope to recreate that hospital setting as well. The property and its surroundings were a hub of activity with over 200 Pennsylvania riflemen encamped there. We will hold memorial services both days at the soldier graves that are on site, to honor our forefathers, those who died being interred there. This event is a representation of the 3 weeks of activity prior to the Crossing. In 1776 there were constant skirmishes and foraging parties engaging along the Delaware River basin for those three weeks. We hope to entertain and educate the general public and in so doing continue to honor our forefathers.