This is our revised event schedule.

Friday May 18        *   Event     *                                                                          *  Location  *

12:00   Park opens for sutlers and unit registration and set up——— north park Location


Saturday May 19     *  Event     *                                                                          * Location *

9:00      Formation & tactical begins—————————————–Primitive camp

10:00    Event opens to the public————————————————-All areas

10:00    Hospital in the Thompson Neely house opens———-Basement of the building

11:30    Cannon demonstrations———————————S. side of the T.N. house

12:00    T.N. house Hospital closes

1:00      Cannon demonstrations & other public displays begin———S. side of the T.N. house

1:00      T.N. house Hospital opens——————————–Basement of the building

1:00  Fashion show begins and will run approximately 30 or 60 minutes—-S. side of the T.N. house

1:30     Battalion formation—————————————British & Continental camps

2:00      Public battle begins/T. N. house closes———————————–Near the Sullivan Pavilion

3:00      Public battle ends————————————————–Continental camp

3:00      T.N. house Hospital opens———————————Basement of the building

3:00      Fashion show, cannon demonstrations, public displays begin—-S. side of the T.N. house

4:00          T.N. house Hospital closes

8:00-11:00 Jollification. Called dancing& music————————-The Sullivan pavilion


Sunday May 20th    *   Event   *                                                                            *   Location  *

9:00     Formation & tactical begins—————————————-Primitive camp

10:30   Memorial service by soldier’s grave followed by church service-The British camp

10:00   T.N. house Hospital opens———————————-Basement of the building

12:00   T.N. house Hospital closes

1:00   Cannon demonstrations, public displays, fashion show begins———-S. side of the T.N. house

1:00     T.N. house Hospital opens———————————-Basement of the building

1:30     Battalion formation—————————————British & Continental camps

2:00     Public battle begins/T. N. house hospital closes———–Near the Sullivan Pavilion

3:00     Public battle ends/Park closes to the public/brake down& clean up—–All areas

Our first work day for the R&R event, fire wood!

We had a very successful day at the upper park concerning the supply of fire wood.

Many hands made little work, well, there was still lots of work but we had many hands! Having access to the Park’s truck and log-splitter took care of the ‘horse power’ end of things. Our volunteer personnel got things done. There was a crew working the chainsaws, a crew to drive all of the trucks around the property to pick up cut wood a crew to operate the log splitter and a kitchen crew to keep us going. One of our greatest helps was in the form of a group of young men brought to the Park from the Youth Challenge Academy, based out of Ft. Dix. N.J. The young men really did most of the heavy lifting. They stacked the large cut trees in the trucks, unloaded them for splitting and then stacked all of the cut wood, neatly in the Thompson Neely House. HUZZAH!
We will be returning to finish splitting the remaining logs, but we have a great jump on the fire wood. situation. Thanks to all of the 5th PA members, others and the Y.C. Academy for all of the hard work.